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Why you need a coach...

Sometimes blindspots keep you from seeing things that are blocking your progress. As your coach, it's my responsibility to make sure you are aware of the ways your actions, mindset, and attitude could be hindering your personal growth. You don't hire a coach to become your best friend, but to help you reach a desired outcome. Having an accountability partner and a detailed strategy will ultimately give you the momentum you need to experience change!

What to expect in a one on one Coaching Session....

- Structured questioning designed with your desired personal growth outcome in mind.

- Plan of action for reaching your personal growth goals.

- Unbiased constructive feedback & advice.

- Support when you're struggling and detailed guidance when forming new habits.

- REALNESS... I will call you on destructive attitudes, behavior, and habits that need to change

- A follow up email with helpful resources and guidance to reinforce the change you're working on.

What is Personal Growth Coaching?